" A whole house water purification system is an essential ingredient to life and wellness at home "

“Shower and bathe in wellness enhancing purified water”

" Discover the amazing difference whole house purified water can make in your kitchen "

” Rinse your veggies without adding chlorine and other chemicals to them ”

" We provide the right water purification system as well as expert maintenance "

“The confidence of knowing purified water is always there for baby’s bath time.”

" A good filtration system will help to minimize the negative impact of toxins on our health and well being "

“Clean and pure water just where you need it most.”

We serve all of eastern MA & Cape Cod

“Owning your own drinking water purification system is just common sense.”

All water purification systems from Think Pure Water meet our highest standards of excellence and will provide your family with decades of safety and enjoyment.

We offer every type of water purification system for home, office, restaurant as well as light commercial applications. Following water testing, all systems are professionally engineered and the correct equipment is specified. We cover water conditioning, chlorine, hardness, softening, PH neutralizing, iron, manganese, arsenic, lead, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis, radon and fluoride reduction/removal. We also pride ourselves in lightning fast response to your call or email. Everything is in stock in Framingham.

We are a full service company, and will automatically notify you when service is needed to keep your system working perfectly. We are local to the Boston area and cover Worcester area. MetroWest, points North and South, Cape Cod etc. We are happy to drop by your home or business, perform free basic testing, take a look at the plumbing conditions and cost out the installation of any of our systems. When deemed necessary, comprehensive laboratory testing is available with a speedy 3 day turnaround.


Kitchen Reverse Osmosis Filter System

These systems are designed to remove a vast spectrum of contaminates. Your water becomes fresh tasting and purer than virtually any bottled water brand for a fraction of the cost. We can install your system undersink or in a basement utility room. High volume restaurant systems also available as well as remineralization & Ph balancing.

Whole House Carbon Water Purification

Shower and bathe in the ultimate luxury and safety of purified water. The WH3500IT is our premium, Made in Italy Whole House system.

Under Sink Carbon Drinking Water Filter

This rugged, high volume, commercial grade filter is simply the best value available anywhere. This filter connects in minutes to the cold water side of your existing main sink faucet.

Hard Water Softener & Filtration

Our state-of-the-art water softening, filtration and conditioning systems are designed to provide crystal clear and safe water throughout your home. Call us for a free in- home consultation, basic on site testing and a speedy Ma Certified Lab Analysis. All systems are designed by Certified Water Specialists based on your individual test results.

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