Water Filtration Systems for point of use or whole house from Think Pure Water.

“Shower and bathe in wellness enhancing purified water”

Abundant pure drinking water brings radiant and healthy life to all living things on earth

“Our enjoyment of water begins at an early age.”

We provide the right water purification system as well as expert maintenance

“The confidence of knowing purified water is always there for baby’s bath time.”

A good filtration system will help to minimize the negative impact of toxins on our health and well being

“Clean and pure water just where you need it most.”

We serve locally to towns in MetroWest and Boston

“Owning your own drinking water purification system is just common sense.”


“A man of wisdom delights in water”

Whole House water prurification systems

Whole House water prurification systems

We offer the best water purification and reverse osmosis systems available in the Metro Boston area. Our whole house, point-of-use and reverse osmosis water purification systems will remove fluoride, lead, chlorine and 95 to 99.999% of water impurities. At Think Pure Water, we are truly passionate about water filtration systems. We are a full service company, dedicated to providing our customers with the right water purification system to meet their needs as well as expert maintenance. We are local to the Boston –  MetroWest area and offer prompt and professional service. We are happy to drop by your home, take a look at the plumbing conditions and cost out the installation of any of our systems.

We encourage you to take whatever time you need to decide on making a purchase of your home filtration system.

John Jackman has been a designer and builder of luxury bathrooms and spas for over 20 years. His interest in providing water filtration systems is inspired by his knowledge that the design-build process is not complete without providing clients with wellness enhancing purified water.

All of our systems are in stock at our Framingham MA warehouse and can be delivered within 2-3 days. Simply call or email us today.


Kitchen Filter System

The kitchen Reverse Osmosis System is an affordable way to drink and cook with clean water.

Filtration for Large House

Shower and bathe in the ultimate luxury of purified water. The WH3500IT is our premium Made in Italy Whole House system.

Under Sink Drinking Water Filter

This rugged, high volume, commercial grade filter system is simply the best value available anywhere. The KCW2000IT Series fits under sink and connects in minutes to the cold water side of your existing sink faucet.

Water Conditioning System

Our scale control systems protect your pipes, plumbing fixtures and heating equipment from early failure and nasty scale build up.

John D Jackman  
MA Construction Supervisor License# CS95181
MA Home Improvement License# 153546

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