Think Pure Water services Newton, MA and surrounding communities with quality, durable & reliable water filtration and softening systems. See our extensive line of water purification products. No matter what your residential water problems are, Think Pure Water has a sensible solution.

WHOLE HOUSE FILTER SYSTEMS – MODEL WH3500IT AND FLOWMASTER STAINLESS SERIES Shower and bathe in the ultimate luxury of purified water. The WH3500IT is our premium Made in Italy Whole House system.  More details

Water Softening / Conditioning by ThinkPureWater. We offer complete water conditioning services including well testing, removal of hardness minerals, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, lead, radon, PH Neutralizer and UV Sterilization for bacteria, e coli and non coliform bacteria. … More Details


MODEL KCW2000IT-BB This unit is designed for chlorinated municipal water.

MODEL KCW200IT-SA This unit is designed for untreated or well water. These specialized housings are impregnated with Ionic Silver. This patented process helps to prevent biological contaminates, often found in untreated well water, from taking hold inside the filter system. It is proven effective and 100% safe and natural. No silver is released into the purified water.

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Pentair Freshpoint 75 Gallon Per Day 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

The new Pentair Freshpoint 75 Gallon Per Day 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is the latest generation in RO water filtration technology development. The finished water is among the purest obtainable from any residential or light commercial RO System.

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REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM – WATER FILTRATION MODEL RO500-CF  The RO500-CF is a quality built 5 stage Reverse Osmosis drinking water system. More details

Multi-Use Water Filtration Systems

 The ClearBlue Series is a rugged and economical system designed for a variety of uses where water purification or conditioning is needed. The patented Made in Italy single injection manifold minimizes parts, labor and metal to plastic in field connections. The clear housings allow visual monitoring of captured particulate. More details..

Drinking Water System – The Pentair DS-300 . This modern state of the art Quick Change Water Purification System produces crystal clear drinking water.More details

COMBO WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEMS At ThinkPureWater, we design, build and install purification systems that address a variety of criteria. This project was designed for a home wellness spa with a large steam shower. More details