We offer every type of water purification equipment  for home, restaurant as well as light commercial applications. Following water testing, all systems are professionally engineered by a Certified Water Specialist and the correct equipment is specified. We cover water conditioning, chlorine, hardness, softening, PH neutralizing, iron, manganese, arsenic, lead, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis as well as fluoride reduction/removal. We also pride ourselves in lightning fast response to your call. We are a full service company, dedicated to providing our customers with the right water purification system to meet their needs as well as expert scheduled maintenance. For installation, you can use one of our Licensed Plumbing Professionals or choose your own. We are local to the Boston area cover Central MA, points North and South, Cape Cod etc. We are happy to drop by your home or business, perform basic testing, consider plumbing conditions and cost out the installation of any of our systems. Call us at 508.272.6636.