Recent Installations

During this project, TPW and Black Dog Plumbing replaced non working equipment with a new water softener, Ph neutralizer and sediment filter. The low ph water was creating pinhole leaks in the copper plumbing pipes and caused leaks in the well water expansion tank which was also replaced. The homeowner was thrilled as we were able to solve all the water related problems in a timely fashion. All old equipment was recycled at E.L.Harvey in Westboro, MA


Here is a project just completed on December 24 for a homeowner just west of Boston. There were a number of problematic issues with this well water. High levels of hardness, manganese, iron, 2 different bacteria types as well as cloudy water conditions required a backwashable sediment filter. A 5 and 1 micron sediment filter was also needed to be 100% sure clear water enters the UV Sterilizer. The homeowner did not want to chlorine shock the well for health reasons. A ph neutralizer and a 2 cube softener were also needed to neutralize the low Ph and soften the 10 grain hardness raw water.


Here is a whole house water purification system with a clear housing on the sediment filter for visual monitoring. This is an older home south of Boston. The 12 grain hardness and high chlorine was becoming a real problem for the young expecting couple. They wanted to be sure their newborn would not be exposed to disinfectant chemicals. This install has utilized the solderless ProPressSystem. Our modern softener system controls, minimize salt usage as gallons used are measured and microprocessors control backwash cycles. This photo was taken as we packed up so its pretty clear we put in a full day at the jobsite.


This west of Boston project required cleaning up the municipal water for this health conscious family. The triple housing, wall mounted system, brings the whole house water up NSF Standard 42. This homeowner also choose to remove the added fluoride as well. For the F removal, we added a 2 cube bone char tank as tests have shown this natural product has proven very effective for this purpose. Its always wise to follow a char tank with another sediment filter as shown here to prevent any filter media from ever entering the home.


This system was installed for a family with young children who just moved into a home west of Boston. This municipal water is sourced from a combined group of wells and was very hard @ 12 grains. Sediment, chlorine and other disinfectant related chemicals are removed with the triple housing. A 2 cube softener was used to be sure of effective softening. The family was totally satisfied with the results.


A Comprehensive Health Scan of water sampled from this west of Boston home revealed, unknown to the homeowner, radon in water @ 124,500 pc/l. This amount is 12.5 x the safe level. All wells should be tested for radon in water. Along with new conditioning, softening equipment and a quality built radon removal machine, the radon in water was reduced by 99.4% as shown by post install testing. Activated carbon was used to virtually eliminate the remaining radon. High levels of radon in water can be extremely dangerous to ones health. This photo was taken before the electrician installed the code required 4 gang GFi protected & designated outlet. The family was greatful for TPW,s rapid response, testing turnaround, system engineering and pro installation.


Whole House Purification with Scale Control in new construction home in Wellesley. With new construction, planning your water purification needs early, can result in properly sized water closets, better placement, less piping and cost savings. Correctly engineered Salt-Free Scale Control Systems can prevent a myriad of hard water issues from occuring down the road, thus saving on maintenience and energy costs.

5 Stage 75 Gallon Per Day Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System in Natick. This easy change system can also be fitted with a PH Neutralizer/Remineralizer. A choice of quality faucets is available. Basement installations are always the prefered location but, undersink installs can still leave some room for storage. Shown is a 30″ sink base cabinet and the remaining usable storage space.

As a Water Purification Vendor for Harvard University, TPW installed a high volume Reverse Osmosis System with engineered specs for the new Biolounge at the Biological Labratories building in Cambridge. These expensive machines have very specific water requirements or will fail quickly.

Here is what a 5 Micron Sediment Filter can capture after one year. This is from municipal water west of Boston. This unusual substance was actually oily/greasy and difficult to clean off whatever it touched. None of this unknown substance got past the filter system. The cartridge was snow white when first installed. Probably not safe to drink this water without filtration and this is only what is actually visible.

Whole House Purification and Calcium Char Fluoride Removal – West of Boston. The homeowner, who is a chemist, required whole house fluoride removal as well as concerns over intermittent, trace amounts of Chromium6 in the raw municipal water. An Reverse Osmosis drinking water system was also installed for an extra level of purity.  We also take great pride in our professional, mechanical installations. Every bolt, washer, screw or lag is made of Stainless Steel. Everything is secure and perfectly level and good access for servicing is always considered.

Water Softener, PH Neutralizer, Well Pressure Vessel and Sediment Filtration.- Concord, MA. This system was installed following a complete renovation. The 7 Grain Per Gallon Hardness and Low PH Corrosive water was corrected and will prevent calcification of the many new plumbing fixtures in the home The homeowner was completely satisfied with the results.

FlowMaster Stainless 60 G.P.M.Whole House Purification for 9 Bathrooms w/ Multiport Showers Concord, MA. Larger homes with multi port showers can present problems if flow rates are not calculated and the correct equipment specified and properly installed. No loss of pressure will ever occur with this installation and a very happy homeowner.


Whole House Purification with Water Softener – Natick, MA. A job well done and a happy customer. We at TPW are obsessed with perfection in our installs. Plumbing Inspectors often comment on the excellent planning and methods we use to complete an install. Every install is carefully thought out to minimize the amount of piping needed and the intrusion into the homes living space.

FlowMaster Stainless 60 G.P.M. Capacity Whole House Purification w/ Salt-Free Scale Control System Wellesley, MA

Whole House Purification w/ Satellite Fluoride Removal plumbed to kitchen sinks, fridge & ice maker Wellesley, MA. A surprising number of educated and aware families, especially those with small children, have come to understand the health hazards of drinking and bathing in fluoridated water. 

Whole House Purification w/ Salt-Free Scale Control System Sudbury, MA. This homeowner is a healthcare professional and recently moved into a new home. Chlorine is known to react chemically with CPVC Piping so it was necessary to remove it for this reason as well. As long as the raw water is kept above 7 Ph, copper is probably the safest piping for a home.

img_3168Installing a Reverse Osmosis System during a kitchen remodel in Framingham, MA

img_3222Whole House System w/ Fluoride Removal Cartridge in Concord, MA

774064fd-94d8-4efb-8f88-1858d71b5abaThink Pure Water team on-site during Sanford Builders construction of 10 bathroom home in Southboro for Whole House and 7 Satellite Filter Systems. The homeowner, the Sanford team and TPW planned the water purification system early and achieved all goals. TPW works with a number of fine home builders to address the needs of their clients. Water samples are lab tested and all equipment is specified by a Certified Water Specialist.

img_3226Basement wall mounted R.O. to Kitchen Sink w/ additional line pressure ice maker filtration in Newton, MA. When installing in a basement, placing the RO storage tank as high up as possible, provides maximum pressure at the faucet. Attached wedges lock the tank into place. Professional, thoughtful installs can make a big difference.

img_3232Salt-free Scale Control System in combination with Whole House Purification in Wellesley, MA

img_3189Master Plumber making final connections on WH3500-IT Whole House System in Sommerville, MA