Basic water testing for hardness, chlorine levels and PH are simple on the spot tests with instant results. If you are considering the purchase of a water filtration system, we offer this basic service free of charge during our visit to your home. More comprehensive tests for toxic chemicals and biological contaminates must be performed in a laboratory. We use only MWRA recommended test facilities for this service.

Modern test equipment is extremely sensitive and the taking and handling of samples should be done by a professional person. Tests are designed to detect and measure a range of naturally occurring elements, man-made contaminates and potentially dangerous biological microorganisms. If contaminates are detected, test results will show precise levels as well as the EPA Maximum Allowable Parts Per Million (ppm) for each contaminate targeted in the test. NOTE: The EPA, at present, regulates only 95 contaminates. Unregulated contaminates may be detected and therefore, no maximum allowable safe levels are indicated in the test results data sheet.


ThinkPureWater installations or service that require a Plumbing Permit are done by our carefully chosen licensed Massachusetts plumbers. You can rest assured your new water purification system is installed according to the latest State Code guidelines and inspected by your local Inspector. You can also use your own plumber if you choose.

PRE-ASSEMBLED AND PRE MOUNTED SYSTEMS  A number of our purification systems come assembled, board mounted and ready to install. This reduces installation time and will significantly lower the onsite licensed plumbing costs. We use only top quality NSF approved valves, fittings and parts by John Guest, Watts and Seatech.


All water purification systems require servicing. A number of our systems are user friendly cartridge type models and are easy to change. Some of the larger whole house systems require once yearly pre-filter changes with main house shut off. This can also be done by a handy homeowner. We are happy to provide you with complete filter change instructions for your particular unit. We also stock and sell replacement cartridges and media for all water systems sold by us and for most any existing equipment.


We at ThinkPureWater can arrange regularly scheduled maintenance calls to keep your water system in perfect working order. In most cases this is once or twice yearly. With an agreement you will be notified by email or phone with the date and time we will arrive for service. We will do our best to work around your schedule. Most service calls take one hour or less.